I have struggled for months with whether I wanted to publicly join the #MeToo movement. I’m ready now, and I want to share a story. It’s one that is not easy for me to share. I am fearful that I’ll be judged. I’m fearful that I’ll be pitied. I’m fearful that I’ll be told that … Continue reading #MeToo


Monthly Roundup

  Happy February! I'm excited to reflect back on the first month of 2018. The month was full of fun experiences, lots of work, and finally the realization that  we're now in the second half of winter - YAY! Reading/Watching/Listening I'm finally watching The Crown season 2. I love this show. As you now know, … Continue reading Monthly Roundup

How To Accelerate Your Career In 2018 (Part I)

January is a month filled with resolutions, intentions, and goal-setting. This can lead to a lot of pressure, and ultimately disappointment if the life you want to create doesn’t magically appear after creating a vision board. This year, focus on taking small and important steps that will accelerate your career, regardless of whether you know … Continue reading How To Accelerate Your Career In 2018 (Part I)