How to Simplify Your Life

It is so easy to get caught up in days filled with to-do lists, unread inbox messages, and countless projects you wish you had time to do. I’ve always seen the importance in keeping things as simple as possible. Let’s talk about simplifying life and setting the stage for a clear mind, healthy body, and happy life.

To-Do Lists. From what I’ve heard, the majority of tasks on a to-do list either a) never get done or b) can be done in less than 2 minutes and are only written down to be crossed off. Sound familiar? To be fair, I have always loved to-do lists. I am very organized, and find some comfort in writing down everything I need to get done. However, I’ve more recently come to love the idea of writing down the three things I want to accomplish in a given day, and doing them. I typically do two of these sets per day– accomplishments for the office and accomplishments for out of the office. This provides simplicity and a sense of accomplishment every day. And it eliminates the need to think about all of those other things you could be doing.

Get Rid of Paper. I really hate paper. My desk is almost always free of paper (except the two daily sticky notes) and it makes me feel great. Not only is it good to eliminate paper for environmental reasons, I find that with less paper my life becomes simpler by reducing clutter.

Keep your food simple. Simple ingredients are the best. Get into the habit of reading labels – if there are many ingredients you have never heard of it, you should probably not be putting it into your body. You’ll feel better, have more energy, and set yourself up for long-term health.

Simplify your finances. I like to use auto-payments for everything, so I don’t need to think about bills on a month to month basis. I also use Mint, which makes staying on budget simple and easy. If you’re a newbie to finance, look for great tools like LearnVest that are super helpful in preparing you to manage your financial health.

Get rid of stuff. Yes, you may have momentary separation anxiety from that sweatshirt you used to wear every day in college. But, if you haven’t worn it in a year, dump it. I’ve found that ridding myself of material things that I ‘never use but think I might use one more time at some point’ makes it easier to keep tabs on the things I do have, and clears my mind. If you need help, read “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up”.

Simplify your online life. First of all, use the internet less. The endless information is sure to clutter your mind. While I enjoy social media sites and use them often for personal and professional reasons, I find that limiting my time and activity on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest, is extremely helpful in keeping things simple. Enjoy the internet for what it is, but keep it simple and use it only when you need (or really want) to.

Make time for yourself. Between work, spending time with friends and partners, family obligations, exercise, running errands, and countless other responsibilities, it is important to take time for yourself. Just a few minutes to yourself each day can go a long way.

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