Monthly Roundup

Happy 2018, everyone! December was quite the month, with a lot of exciting things happening – for me, Christmas is my absolute favorite time of year. I’m re-naming my “Looking Forward/Back” series to “Monthly Roundup” at least until I think of a more creative title (ideas are welcome). December flew by, and here are some of the highlights and lessons, as well as what’s on my mind as we head into January.


  • I had bronchitis for the first two weeks of the month, so was able to do some major binge watching. I finally watched the first two seasons of The Leftovers. I am obsessed, and hate to think that I only have eight more episodes to watch before the series ends. Watch this now!
  • Someone recently recommended the Rich Roll Podcast and I am obsessing. It’s all about health, wellness, nutrition, fitness, leadership, mindfulness, and so on. It has been on for years, so I have a ton of episodes to enjoy in the coming months.
  • I recently posted a roundup of my twelve favorite books from 2017. In December I enjoyed quite a few Christmas-y books that were a lot of fun to read.


  • I consider myself exceptionally good at ‘turning off’ when I’m on vacation, and this one was no exception. I had almost two weeks off, and I really enjoyed every minute – most of which were spent cooking, baking, reading, watching Christmas movies, and playing games with family. It was a blast, and when I arrived back at work on January 2nd, I was refreshed and ready to go.
  • My sister came home from Sedona Arizona for the holidays, and it was so wonderful. Our family is continue to grow and turn into a real ‘Modern Family’ and I’m all the better for it. I cherish time with all of them, but especially my sister who I don’t get to see as often as I would like. I’ll be out in AZ with her in less than two weeks and cannot wait!
  • My husband and I had the chance to spend the New Year weekend with our dear friends in Northern Virginia. It was the most relaxing NYE I’ve had in a long time, and helped kick-start what I think will be a great year, full of focusing on what is most important and letting go of what isn’t (read my 2018 intentions here).

Looking Ahead

  • January marks the start of an intense period for me, that will last until the end of June. I have a lot of travel, leading retreats and trainings, and events in the coming months, so I’ll need to double down on self-care and continuously book time for relaxation. I do well with intense periods of work, but will need at least a day or two each month with absolutely nothing.
  • I’m starting an intense new nutrition regimine this month, in the hopes of healing my digestive issues and body. I have high hopes for it, but know I’m going to need to put in a lot of effort to cook differently and do what I need to do. Many new dishes to come on Instagram!
  • I am excited to write more in 2018. I’ll be working on this blog more, doubling down on my Forbes work, submitting other articles, and trying to finish a novel I started back in late 2016. I am nervous, excited, and ready to go. My best friend Amanda over at has been exceptionally helpful in continuously helping me think about creating writing routines…and now I just have to do the work.

What were your highlights from December? What are you most looking forward to in January?



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