Where Do You Belong?

On a recent trip to India, I had the opportunity to sit down for conversations with a few teenagers in Gorakhpur, a city in Uttar Pradesh. I peppered the students with questions, eager to learn about their experiences, what they love to do, and what they are learning about. When I asked them if they … Continue reading Where Do You Belong?

How Do You Spend Your Time?

You know that feeling when you open a book and read something, and it's exactly what you needed to hear? I love when that happens, and it reminds me of something I've been trying to learn and live by: the Universe has your back, and there is so much energy in the world working towards … Continue reading How Do You Spend Your Time?

How To Accelerate Your Career In 2018 (Part I)

January is a month filled with resolutions, intentions, and goal-setting. This can lead to a lot of pressure, and ultimately disappointment if the life you want to create doesn’t magically appear after creating a vision board. This year, focus on taking small and important steps that will accelerate your career, regardless of whether you know … Continue reading How To Accelerate Your Career In 2018 (Part I)