Why I Started Meditating – And How To Get Started

Two summers ago, I had my first of two (unexpected) orthopedic surgeries. When I learned that it would be a nine month recovery process, and I wouldn't even begin to do any meaningful exercise for the first six months, I was devastated. My panicked inner mind screamed out: Yoga is the only thing that relaxes … Continue reading Why I Started Meditating – And How To Get Started


Reframing “Work/Life ____” to Reduce Stress

Work/Life _____ Many say that work/life balance is an unachievable aspiration. Some believe it should be reframed to work/life integration. Others believe that work and life should be completely separate. Depending on the week, or even day, I fall into one of the three. To me, constantly pursuing work/life balance, integration, or separation, is unnecessary and can … Continue reading Reframing “Work/Life ____” to Reduce Stress