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Are You Ready To Accelerate Your Life And Career?

Whether you are just entering the workforce and trying to decide where to begin, are a mid-career professional feeling stuck, or are trying to hone in on what your personal legacy will be, Impact & Bliss Coaching might be right for you.

The unique approach of Impact & Bliss coaching is designed to support the whole person – it’s equal parts leadership, career, impact, and life coaching – because we fundamentally believe those four elements are intrinsically combined and lead to a fully-lived life, full of impact, meaningful experiences, and bliss.

Our Packages

Career Launch $399
This package is perfect for the recent graduate or young professional that is not sure where to start. Our sessions will begin with understanding what you are looking for in a career, and then preparing you for success through mock interviews and resume/cover letter review.

-Two 60 minute coaching session in the first month
-Two 30 minute mock interviews with feedback
-1 cover letter and resume review with edits

Career Change $799
This package is perfect for the experienced professional who is ready to make a career change. It will start with a diagnostic assessment to help you better understand your leadership and career requirements. This package includes bi-weekly coaching sessions for two months, and two mock interviews and cover letter/resume review.

-Four 60 minute coaching sessions over two months
-Two 30 minute mock interviews with feedback
-Diagnostic tool
-1 cover letter and resume review with edits

Leadership Coaching $1,200
This package is designed for the professional who wants to unlock their leadership potential—whether you are looking to elevate your work, increase your soft skills (including self-awareness and empathy), or participate in powerful conversations that help you understand who you are as a leader, this is a great place to begin.

Includes: Twelve 60 minute sessions over 3 months

Life Coaching $1,200
No matter where you are in life, life coaching is an incredibly powerful tool in helping you live the life you have dreamed of. Whether you want to focus on finding more balance, starting a new career or side hustle, or consider your personal legacy and the impact you want to have on the world, this package is perfect for you.

Includes: Twelve 60 minute sessions over 3 months

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