About Me

Hi, I’m Kate. Welcome to Impact & Bliss!


I launched Impact & Bliss in order to support others in their journey towards a happy, meaningful life. There are so many lifestyle blogs where you can learn how to bake beautiful cupcakes, design your home to reduce stress, and find happiness in every day life. There are also many blogs focused on setting goals, writing resumes, and finding your purpose. There are some blogs that help individuals learn about how to volunteer well, how to job hunt in the nonprofit sector, and how to do well and do good. Yet for me, the intersection of these three things is not just important, it is what life is all about.

I live in New York City, run a leadership development program at Echoing Green, love to work with individuals to set goals and uncover their purpose, so that they can make a positive impact in the world. I also think that pursuing happiness is equally important and possible. I care about justice, equity, and human rights. I also care about designing my home to reduce stress, practicing meditation, and baking cupcakes. I fundamentally believe that these three things are completely intertwined and lead to a full life: finding the best career for you, creating a fun and happy life, and making an impact on the world. That is what Impact & Bliss is all about, and I hope you’ll join me as you embark on your journey towards a life of #impactandbliss.

P.S. I also am a contributor at Forbes. Check out those articles here!