5 Tips to Improve Your Job Application

You have found your dream job. You spend hours making sure your resume is up-to-date. You carefully craft your cover letter. You submit your writing samples and references. You wait. And you hear...nothing. Job hunting can be an incredibly challenging and daunting process, with a lot of unanswered applications and not a lot of hope. … Continue reading 5 Tips to Improve Your Job Application


How to Simplify Your Life

It is so easy to get caught up in days filled with to-do lists, unread inbox messages, and countless projects you wish you had time to do. I’ve always seen the importance in keeping things as simple as possible. Let's talk about simplifying life and setting the stage for a clear mind, healthy body, and … Continue reading How to Simplify Your Life

Reframing “Work/Life ____” to Reduce Stress

Work/Life _____ Many say that work/life balance is an unachievable aspiration. Some believe it should be reframed to work/life integration. Others believe that work and life should be completely separate. Depending on the week, or even day, I fall into one of the three. To me, constantly pursuing work/life balance, integration, or separation, is unnecessary and can … Continue reading Reframing “Work/Life ____” to Reduce Stress