Reframing “Work/Life ____” to Reduce Stress

Work/Life _____ Many say that work/life balance is an unachievable aspiration. Some believe it should be reframed to work/life integration. Others believe that work and life should be completely separate. Depending on the week, or even day, I fall into one of the three. To me, constantly pursuing work/life balance, integration, or separation, is unnecessary and can … Continue reading Reframing “Work/Life ____” to Reduce Stress

A Leadership Process

A few months ago, I attended the Net Impact annual conference in Philadelphia. Over the course of three days, I had the opportunity to meet great people, hear inspiring talks, and participate in many learning workshops. During one, led by the Authentic Leadership Institute, we had the opportunity to look back on our lives and think … Continue reading A Leadership Process

What the nonprofit sector can learn from the corporate sector

This article was originally published on LinkedIn on 12/20/2017 In 1989, an article in the Harvard Business Review was published called “What Business Can Learn from Nonprofits.” There are certainly many valuable lessons, and I do believe that the private sector has a lot to learn from the nonprofit sector. I also firmly believe that … Continue reading What the nonprofit sector can learn from the corporate sector